Key Questions to Ask

What to look for in a dentist?


  • Does the office seem spotless and uncluttered?
  • Is sterilization of instruments monitored by a spore sterilization service to make sure the instruments are actually sterile?
  • Will they show the records of successfully passed tests?
  • Are the staff and dentists friendly?
  • Does the schedule seem relaxed and unhurried? Good dentistry takes time.
  • Do they give you a treatment plan and thoroughly explain what needs to be done before treatment is started?
  • Do they routinely follow-up difficult procedures, such as surgery, with a phone call in the evening to see how you are doing?
  • Are all your questions regarding treatment and/or insurance answered by the staff and doctors?
  • Do you spend a lot of time sitting in the waiting room?
  • Are doctors and hygienists gentle, especially when numbing you for a procedure?



What Sets Us Apart?


  • Friendly and caring support team
  • Relaxed and gentle dental care
  • Highest standards in techniques and training
  • Unhurried atmosphere
  • Convenient hours and directions
  • Early detection, early prevention
  • Children's dentistry
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Meet our hygienist, Colleen
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Key Questions to Ask