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Northshore Dental has been serving the North End for over 60 years. Dr. Richard Owens started the clinic in 1954 ; Dr. Bennett and Dr. Kindem have continued that dental care for the last 24 years. Our mission has been to provide high level dental care in a warm, gentle environment.


Every effort is done to practice preventative dentistry. A full range of dental care is provided to minimize referral and control patient expenditures.


A great many of Dr Owens as well as Drs Kindem and Bennetts original patients are still with the practice; a tribute to our longstanding relationships and trust. We always have kept the doors open to new clients and welcome the new relationships. Dr Russell Christensen joined our practice a year ago- continuing care of his patients that date back over 35 years. Stop by our lovely 1500 sq ft facility that is just 12 year old.

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